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A Little Princess- musical choreography for NYMT

Divya Kasturi choreographed the musical 'A Little Princess' for National Youth Music Theatre(NYMT, London). Based on the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett - Book & Lyrics by CARL MILLER - Music & Lyrics by MARC FOLAN

Additional Lyrics by ADEY GRUMMET , the performance was performed from 9-11 August 2018 - The Other Palace, London.

Swapnam Trikala Jathi for Raga Labs

We all dream... dreams are familiar to all of us. They connect our subconscious and the conscious. Swapnam Trikala Jathi begins on this note. Choreographed for London Raga Labs. 

Exploring Connections With Form & Function In Extinct Fossil Vertebrates

Divya Kasturi took part in discussion with Dr Stephan Lautenschlager and curator José Forrest-Tennant to explore the academic’s research on form and function in extinct fossil vertebrate.

To Varnam ... with Love

A story of love, devotion and commitment; to a god, to a myth, to a way of moving and being.


Set against a projections visual backdrop, this research places the Varnam, a ‘piece de resistance’ of a Bharatanatyam repertoire performance, within an ever-changing, fluid contemporary moment.


Rooted in the South Indian temple dance tradition of Bharatanatyam, Darshan deploys the unique and much celebrated sentiment of ‘Bhakthi’, or devotion.

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