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#OurVarnam is a creative project gathering the Varnams of dancers across the UK into a curated online gallery. It aims to connect dancers of all forms but especially Bharatanatyam with each other and a wider audience. 


The inspiration for this project is Divya Kasturi Company’s latest work, To Varnam…With Love, a story of love, devotion and commitment; to a god, to a myth, to a way of moving and being.

Why are we doing this project?


  • To celebrate the Varnam as a unique expression of each dancer to their craft

  • To create a legacy for the performance in an online archive of Varnams

  • To create an authentic online project at a time of limited live experience

  • Connect new audiences to Bharatanatyam

  • To connect with new partners and dancers

#OurVarnam is a beautiful, heart-warming gallery of youthful talent and will encourage wider audiences to connect with our To Varnam…With Love performance.


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Supported by Akademi

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