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#OurVarnam is a creative project gathering the Varnams of dancers across the UK into a curated online gallery. It aims to connect dancers of all forms but especially Bharatanatyam with each other and a wider audience. 


The inspiration for this project is Divya Kasturi Company’s latest work, To Varnam…With Love, a story of love, devotion and commitment; to a god, to a myth, to a way of moving and being.

Why are we doing this project?


  • To celebrate the Varnam as a unique expression of each dancer to their craft

  • To create a legacy for the performance in an online archive of Varnams

  • To create an authentic online project at a time of limited live experience

  • Connect new audiences to Bharatanatyam

  • To connect with new partners and dancers

#OurVarnam will be a beautiful, heart-warming gallery of youthful talent and will encourage wider audiences to connect with our To Varnam…With Love performance.

We are inviting participants to make their own Varnam solos.

We want to nudge you all to take ownership of the Varnam thereby also trigger your thinking further into how/what is the inspiration ...

We would love for you to be a part of DKC's flagship new project #OurVarnam

Do watch the below videos to get more insight.

Go ahead and click on- 


You could either watch it all in one go - here or click on the step-by-step- 5 short videos to understand further.


 Get Involved in #OurVarnam project

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