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Rooted in the South Indian temple dance tradition of Bharatanatyam, Darshan deploys the unique and much celebrated sentiment of ‘Bhakthi’, or devotion.


Devised by layering the theory of 'encountering the divine', drawing on visual theory detailed by scholar Diana Eck, with the famous Sanskrit verses of Adi Shankaracharya (788- 820AD), the performance attempts to comprehend the ecstatic experience involved in Darshan. Interweaving past and present, the numerous sensory perceptions of the moment (thinking, feeling, assimilating, describing) are placed in conjunction with storytelling and representation.


Darshan incorporates video design by John-Marc Gowans, who has created imagery based on some of the choreographic themes and subtleties underlying the choreography, in collaboration with Divya Kasturi.


Original choreography and music composition
Late Guru Sri Udupi Laxminarayana


Choreography redesign and performance

Divya Kasturi 


Video design

John-Marc Gowans


Rohanne Udall



Vocals: S R veerarghavan         Percussive enunciations:

Udupi Laxminarayana

Indian cymbals: Madhumathy Prakash

Viloin: Veeramani

Flute: Ramanujan

Tour History
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