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Swapnam Trikala Jathi
London Raga Labs

We all dream... dreams are familiar to all of us. They connect our subconscious and the conscious. Swapnam Trikala Jathi begins on this note. It is a classic narrative sequence that journeys, meandering it's path recalling a pulsating 1…2..3 kalajathi. Combining two classic, traditional sequences lending a contemporary perspective choreographically to a lovely trikalajathi.

Raga Labs are city-based collaborations that bring together the best musicians and dancers to collaborate on high quality music videos viewed by millions of people globally.



Divya Kasturi


Sagrika Arun, Shreeya Kotecha, Yukta Chegu, Gayathri Hari, Shilpa Pagonda.


Trikala Jathi 2.0, Vivek Ramanan and Mahesh Raghvan

Video Shoot

Bluefeather Studios

Video Editing

Brian Keim

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