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Forgot Your Password?

What happens when a stranger takes over your online identity?

This fascinating performance, which utilises the same 3D technology that shocked the world when Tupac Shakur was digitally resurrecting at the Coachella music festival.

Three years in the making, Forgot Your Password? is a stunning theatrical-dance work integrating hologram technology, contemporary South Asian dance and mesmerising vocals. Inspired by real-life experiences, it explores issues of trust, identity theft and starting over.

A first-of-its kind endeavour in integrating Contemporary South Asian Dance and Hologram technology in partnership with Musion - global leader in the development, marketing, production and broadcasting of realistic, life-sized, interactive 3D holographic video shows and effects- Forgot Your Password? is a stunning visual treat.


Musion’s holographic projection system takes advantage of the most innovative 21st century technologies, transforming the Victorian-age Pepper’s Ghost optical illusion into a state-of-the-art multimedia platform that enables 3D holographic projection; a jaw-dropping visual phenomenon that amazes and fascinates audiences of all ages the world over.


Choreography and performance

Divya Kasturi



Chris Fogg


Music and live performance

visual design

John-Marc Gowans 


Claire Childs

Production Manager

Sam Halls

Pre-show installation

James Alliban

Hologram Technology


Filming Consultant

Stephen Ley


Venkatesh Gajapathy

Supporting Partners

Watford Palace Theatre, The Place, Parkside(Birmingham City University), Roehampton University and Akademi with funding from the Arts Council of England

Research and Development stage supported by Watford Palace Theatre, Akademi, Kadam, University Campus Suffolk, Trestle Arts Base, The Place with funding from Arts Council of England.

Tour History


14 April, Watford Palace Theatre, Watford

9 May, Key Theatre, Peterborough

12 May, The Place, London
5 June, Harlow Playhouse, Harlow

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