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Divya Kasturi is a multifaceted dance practitioner with more than three decades of performing experience. She is trained in two South Asian dance styles of Bharatanatyam and Kathak. She is also trained in Western contemporary dance and has studied choreography modules at masters level.

Divya Kasturi is also a classical vocalist. She has worked with Sir Paul McCartney and Nitin Sawhney in the UK. She has also lent vocals for various albums and films in India. Divya Kasturi’s work has been seen all over the world including in New York, Sydney, Paris, and Mumbai. She has performed in Theatre de Complicite’s acclaimed production ‘A Disappearing Number’ which was broadcast through NT live series worldwide in cinemas. She has also worked in Indian television media spanning a portfolio of tasks including program anchoring, conceptualizing, directing and presenting a dance learning series for kids. She has also performed for the BBC. She is currently a QuestLab artist with Studio Wayne McGregor. 

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