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NowHere, a new contemporary South Asian dance production by choreographer Divya Kasturi, promising powerful visual imagery and stunning new choreography and explores the feeling of belonging ‘there’, ‘here’ and ‘inbetween’.


Using two of the most popular Indian classical dance styles of Bharatanatyam and Kathak, along with specially composed music, vocals and with artistic collaborations from Kate Flatt, and John Marc-Gowans, NowHere examines the sensibilities of ‘nowhere’ and ‘now here’.


Choreography and Direction

Divya Kasturi



Kate Flatt


Chris Fogg



Tim Jennings and John-Marc Gowans



Divya Kasturi and Urja Desai 


John-Marc Gowans 

Set Design

Helen Murphy

Lighting Design

Antony Hateley 


Thank You

Simon McBurney, Brigid Larmour and Catherine Willmore.

Supporting Partners

Arts Council England, Watford Palace Theatre, Dance Digital, Kadam, Akademi, South East Dance and Dance East.

Tour History


19 January, premiere at Watford Palace Theatre


2 February, Roehampton University

17 February, Rich Mix, London

23 February, Hat Factory, Luton


18 April, excerpt at Alchemy Festival, South Bank Centre, London.


24-26 May, Dublin Dance Festival


15 June, Key Theatre, Peterborough

20 June, Colchester Arts Centre

28 June, DEDA, Derby

29 June, Gem Arts, Newcastle

2013 (cont)

6 July, Kalasangam,Bradford

14 July, Watermans Theatre, London


16 December, Chennai Cultural Academy, T.Nagar, Chennai

20 December, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kilpauk, Chennai

21 December, Meenakshi Sunderrajan Fine Arts, Chennai




1 January, Brahma Gana Sabha, Chennai

16 January, Alliance Franchaise, Bangalore

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